It all started...

After doing hair for just a few years, DeeAnna went out on her own and opened Studio Montage in February of 2000.  Starting with only 4 styling chairs and a dream, DeeAnna had no idea the salon would become one of the biggest salons in Montana.  

In 2005, Studio Montage joined forces with another local Aveda salon and expanded to more than 3000 square feet.  Now with 18 employees, a spa, and an assistant program, DeeAnna set her eyes on only being a sanctuary for the guests but a light for her employees.

Now, with more than 35 employees, two time winner of Salon Today Top 200 salons in North America, with Top 10 recognitions in Philanthropy, Salon Culture, & Merchandising, three time voted best salon in Great Falls, multiple award winnings stylists, national educators,  features and work in more than a dozen magazines, Instagram and Pinterest pages, and too many wedding portraits to count, DeeAnna and the Studio Montage team aim for bigger and better.  To not just be a busy salon and spa but a place that is relaxing and comfortable for guests, and a 2nd home for employees.